Casa Oronado

Casa Oronado is a rustic house on the slopes of Barranco de Guayadeque, Gran Canaria, in a rural property of 3000 square meters, with gardens where seasonal vegetables are grown.
Casa Oronado is located in the upper part of the property, it has approximately 70 square meters. Has a private pool with waterfall, two terraces, gazebo, fountain, solarium, and the best corner of the house,the Canary balcony, ideal for breakfast or a dinner by candlelight.



  • History Oronado House

    History Oronado House

    The history of this house comes from 1920 when the owner's grandfather bought a large estate in which this house is today located. At first the building was used as a warehouse (gallanía of food for the animals that where in the farm).
    Over the years, todays owner, who inherited this father’s estate, decided to grow bit in small surfaces due to he had to combine it with other tasks.
    By 1989 the property became part of the current owner who made some minor personal alterations and adapting them to today’s lifestyle.
    Beside the house, there was a small pond that was transformed into a small pool that serves to cool off guests at hot days.
    Therefore Oronado house has many attractions both in its landscape and rural, without the historic charm has been maintained from generation to generation.

  • What we offer?

    What we offer?

    Oronado house has a maximum capacity of 4 people with a main bedroom with double bed, closet, dresser and heating , another bedroom with two single beds, a bathroom , living room with satellite TV , air conditioning , radio , library, fully equipped kitchen, fridge freezer , microwave , hob touch , coffee , tea and toaster.

    • Private pool with waterfall
    • barbecue
    • portable heating
    • Chimney
    • Two Terraces
  • Extra Services

    Extra Services

    In addition, we offer you some extra activities to complete your stay , ask us.

    Icon TrainerRelaxing massage ritual

    Icon Fitness LevelsDiving

La casa Oronado

Main Room

Main Room

We present the main room consists of double bed with chest, two bedside tables with typical canary lamps , a wooden cupboard for up to 4 people, a dresser with mirror and drawers. The ceiling of the room has several wooden beams of tea that gives a very special rural charm. The wall of the headboard is decorated with simulation outdoor stone, the window frame is made of Canarian stonework , which retains a rustic almost medieval feature with window and wood crystal. Also, this flanked by two rustic gates with locks hooks , said window has a view of the backyard or terrace with numerous ornamental plants.

Double room

Double room

This room has two single beds covered with handmade ​​blanked, these beds are separated by a night table decorated with a canary draft ( piece of cloth which is sewn with needle shapes by hand ) , in which is a lamp with a homey charm . On said table is a window formed entirely of Canary stone , with two small sheets made of wood and glass , also has two rustic gates with locks hooks , the window overlooks the front porch next to the pool . Also the roof has several beams of tea , from which is suspended a lamp shaped candlestick.



This part of the house was renovated in 2014 in which the shower, where a glass partition was set up with separate faucets for a comforting bathroom. Spare totally new bathroom with recent advances in performance without diminishing the rustic type. The wall of the sink is made of wood ready to support water and other elements , it is illuminated by two spotlights that are embedded in a log which was found at the bottom of the Barranco de Guayadeque , processed and prepared by the owner of the house, you can turn the whim of the visitor. This place offers guests a set of soaps, toilet paper , towels for the shower which are changed every seven days, also it has hair dryer .

The living

The living

This part of the house is the largest building surface with a gable roof, dominated by a large solid wood beam tea over 8 meters long; (This beam was found many years ago at the bottom of a ravine near the farm and was carried by nine men to the place where this today). It is a place to relax, to rest, to read, which is installed a plasma television adapted to USD, flash drive, etc., device with WiFi, along with a small library with novels in different languages ​​that our visitors have collaborated to his "existence ". Optimal for four people, it has a small electric fireplace decorated with many handmade canary pieces canary with decades old. This room connects directly to the house’s balcony which is accessed through a double door that once opened where you can see the grandeur of the Barranco de Guayadeque and where a light comes into full force. It has an air-conditioned in summer provides freshness to the entire house.

The balcony

The balcony

Accessed by living room through a door that has two sheets of wood and glass, has an area of ​​six square meters is built entirely with wood, it has maintained a beam roof, being there you can enjoy nature at its best , there is a table with two comfortable chairs where you can enjoy a good breakfast, or enjoy a romantic dinner, surrounded by exotic plants that will make those moments , unforgettable moments. Its walls are built with local stones and carved stonework that give a rural way with a charming Canarian typology.

The kitchen

The kitchen

The kitchen is almost integrated with the lounge, separate them with a small bar with two stools where you can enjoy a drink with good conversation, it has a wooden cabinet with glass doors where you can see the different glassware (glasses, cups , etc.). This rustic wall where there is a microwave, double sink and ceramic hob (digital touchscreen ) , easy to use and practical for anyone , also has a large fridge , and next to it a rustic table with two handmade chairs. This kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliance , also has numerous rustic objects that will make very comfortable and cozy kitchen.

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